“True freak shit. Experimental queer punk? Industrial noise? Avant-garde mutant hyperpop? Radical political performance art? There’s a lot going on from this Los Angeles duo, who have been making music together for the last few years. Crawling out of the primordial auditory muck like some sort of two-headed futuristic beast, they’ve managed to create something not only unique and purposeful but also incredibly beautiful.”
-bandcamp daily

“Mirrored Reality carries grime, dark, esoteric, obscure, abstract visual, and sonic aesthetics. The cassette’s visual identity and accompanying tarot card and fanzine indicate we’re dealing with artists/musicians who’re profoundly into esoteric aesthetics. Their imagery goes perfectly with these four compositions, which are unique by all possible means. Soundwise, you’ll stumble upon many experimental and avant-garde music genres during the entire release. Mirrored Fatality relies upon several complementary genres at once, so prepare yourself for harsh noise, experimental noise, industrial, electronic music, hyper pop, indie, ambient, drone, and many more. They handle all these sonic elements pretty well, but I must admit this music would not fit those who are profoundly into a particular genre. Somehow they blended everything together into a harmonious cacophony, and you will have many difficulties pinpointing a singular music genre because each segment of every song explores multiple sonic ingredients at once.

Industrial noise would be the best categorization for ECOCIDE 3URTH, because there are many similarities with that particular genre. The remaining styles I mentioned above are vividly hearable, but still, industrial noise is continuously present in the mix. You will also hear how darkwave, coldwave, and synth-wave inspired Mirrored Reality while composing this material because there many segments where these genres are extremely dominant.” - Thoughts Word Actions

““REINCARNAGE” finds mirrored fatality utilizing layers of drone and textural rhythms in a hypnotic drift to draw you into its ultimately harrowing examination of the destructive impact of modern human civilization and our internalized attitudes of hostility and consumption toward the natural world, what we often perceive to be outside of human culture, and within ourselves. What starts as gentle and tender shifts to reflect the brutality humans have come to accept as the norm in conceptualizing the natural world and our collective existence as necessary sacrifices for the almighty “economy” as a higher nature than nature itself. The song disrupts being able to hold to that mode of thinking by subverting conventional song structure and aesthetics and inviting one to take on the song on its own terms outside of any settled genre but with a distinct identity that isn’t ossified into fixed categories. Yes, if you’re someone that appreciates noise, industrial music, glitch, grimier hyperpop and outsider punk you’ll find some touchstones of appreciation. But really its a listening experience that is about something and evokes that perfectly.” - Queen City Sound Art

“The layers of image and sound represented in mirrored fatality’s “VALE” is the kind of glitch collage style mashup that pushes aesthetic boundaries. There’s no formal structure but that of the project’s own. It is a recursive flow of textures, tones and raw noise assembled as a reflection of the constant barrage of information to which we’re subjected daily. Except mirrored fatality in the video presentation of the track gives context of the erosion of our infrastructure and eco-system through neglect and the hubris of late stage capitalism. To someone conditioned completely to seek out only sound art in the form of conventional music might see and hear this stuff and think it’s just shy of random recordings of abstract internet memes placed together and that might in some ways not be far off the mark but it misses the point entirely. But people who have been tuned into what labels like Orange Milk and other forward thinking labels have been releasing in the realm of glitch-infused electronic music and artists like Giant Claw, Darren Keen, Goo Age and Andy Loeb will find that mirrored fatality’s aesthetics and arrangements not to mention the visual style much to their liking as the duo deconstructs the dubious virtues of our post-industrial society partly by creating music beyond the conventionally accepted zones of creative endeavor.” - Queen City Sound Art
“When I heard your work on BC I was really blowned away. Purely clear and uncompromisingly unapologetic style that leaves no one indifferent to your messages. I will be following your work closely in the future and eagerly await your new projects. The world must and should hear and understand something like this. Regards and a big thumbs up to you, Underground Beauties” - CenobiteHouse

“Mirrored fatality, an underground Kapampangan and South Asian nonbinary duo, create experimental noise punk music that includes spoken word, film and performance art. Together, Samar and Mango form “cocoon webs,” portals of ambient sound meant to protect and embrace anyone who interacts with them. The duo describe themselves as farmers, educators, musicians and organizers; woven into their music are themes of community, mutual aid, prison abolition and anti-imperialist education.”  - kristie song, KQED

“Based out of Los Angeles, the duo of Bangladeshi/Pakistani origin Samar and KapampanganPilipinx (Filipino diaspora who identify as trans/non-binary) Mango Gwen are repping QTPOC punk in a raw and intensely engaging format. Their debut EP Cocoon Webs has been described by them as an “experimental-healing punk.” While the opening track “Bloom” is meandering and liberating in its lyrical intent, Samar and Mango quickly take the route of noisy, unpredictable yet cathartic sounds with “Invalidation” and expound on injustices inflicted upon the people of Kashmir on “Utopia.” In their eerie chorused delivery of lyrics and bursts of charged up noise-punk, Mirrored Fatality also address pollution on multiple levels, invoking a spiritual atmosphere.” - Anurag Tagat, Rolling Stone India

“Starting off this interview eye need to say how Your Music ignites me on a molecular level. Feeling that Mirrored Fatality (MF from now on) is Sonically simultaneously ripping apart colonial-hetero-cis based failed structures, and weaving worlds—sound waves reconfiguring subatomic particles to Your Will. MF Incorporates a WIDE breath of musical genres, including : No Wave,Punk,Industrial,Noise,Experimental Jazz, and More into Your Performances and Recordings using these as paints in Your pallet to form Your Unique Style.” - Moira Scar / VEX

“heavy pain bath, fluctuation of hurting and healing. the space between suffering and inspiration is an overlap. an unnervingly real depiction of grounding with the infinity of now <3” - franz murder, West America

“I can't believe I was sitting, crying to your album when it was first released a while back, like- they are other pinxy and south asian freaks and outcasts out there. If you haven't caught a glimpse of their world on tour yet, please come to heal, to mourn, to fight for the bipoc within our communities. Celebrate life! Freak fam forever! Filipinx/ Pakistani. Bangladeshi punk experimental no wave goddess divine of the highest level of all spiritual deities” - monica ramos, DRAMA

“Raw powerful visionary apocalyptic spasms from anticolonial mutants” - gaia

“The use of the words “brown” “queer” and “magic” in the same stenece suggested that the event would promote healing and perserverance, but the healing process leading to these outcomes demands learning how to deal with one’s rage. And I was not disappointed - as they opened the event mirrored fatality asked the audience at the end of their performance to confront their rage. They emphasized that we are left with so much rage on a daily basis as we carry the burdens of the struggles that we inevitably experience because of the intersectionality of our identities, and mostly do not know how to deal with it;they as artists express it through their music, and the audience may choose to scream, sing, or simply sit in silence…The use of different modes of creative expression to release that tension from their bodies to disrupt, disobey, lead a change that goes beyond their personal work shows that they rage, therefore, they create. .” - Yasmeen Adin, UC Berkeley BAMPFA

“Watching Mirrored Fatality play reminded me that our fight towards global liberty must be guided by brave, powerful ,unashamed, loud, proud trans queer black & people of colour whos love for each other, land and community is nothing short of miraculous and super human due to the pain & suffering caused by living under capitalism, racism and queer & transphobia. It reminded me that love for humanity and rage at society are not mutally exclusive but rather incomprehensibly entwined. There performance on stage speaks to and of the elements which can all be soft and tender, raging and powerful.” - India Jaggon, RUB Magazine

“Working, living and creating with MF was a gateway to deep ancestral healing for all the touched. Extending beyond the parameters of their performance, and exercise of love and rage, the intention behind their daily actions crafted webs of reflection and activation. They reminded me of the power and magic latent in everything that we do. Our words, our attention, our bodies, our armour, our labour all act as performers in our life spells. Through MF and their presence in the Moon Arkestra, I found community and space to embody these practices for myself and I will be feeling the ripple effects for the rest of my life. To FEEL our power. To protect the land and its people. To love myself and my reflections. I n' I ah we. That's what Mirrored Fatality taught me 🙏🏽” - Maya Lae,  Tour de Moon - Moon Arkestra

“You actualize freedom and how you have me and many other people are blessed to know you feel brave, powerful, unashamed, feel proud, loud, beautiful, feel like themselves, by bringing in so much of the knowledge you hold through your own experiences and the community you are in and continue to be in. I am grateful for that because I am seeing connections, the abundance of us being and especially this week there is a lot going on and white supremacy be white supremacying and I am reminded that there is so much force and power because we are not only in London but you guys are everywhere in all the places that you mark and there is abundance that's all I want to say because of what you brought to the space. “ - Vee, Tour de Moon - Moon Arkestra

“A swirling miasma of glitched out percussion, soothing vocals, ambient passages, in-the-red noise and hyperpop aesthetics with an eye towards the mythological, the duo mirrored fatality have created a challenging and thoughtful composition with “VALE”. I occasionally love press releases that push the pr artspeak into winkingly poetic territory. From the press release - “mirrored fatality remembers wholeness from dismembered flesh and mutates as cross pollinating perennial terratoids. mirrored fatality intertwines glitch rage webs with corroded resonance and regenerates forsaken spores across their current biome: ECOCIDE 3URTH.” - Tome to The Weather Machine

“mirrored fatality introduce us to their very own sonic universe, and this one is among their most avant-garde, dadaistic, sonic creations to date….. A beyond “Beyond Boundaries” treasure!” - Christos Doukakis, Last Day Deaf

“Darkness does not only mean sadness or melancholy, but also anger, hatred and confusion. That's exactly what awaits you in the two songs by the duo mirrored fatality - " UTOPIA " is based on a wide variety of news reports that report on natural disasters, wars, or even hatred of minorities.
This is followed by an experimental look at punk, noise and ambient - you can imagine the feelings that conveys.
The sound of "VALE" is even louder, more present and even more confronting. The song itself was created during a pretty quiet second though.” - Trials and Confusions 🕷 - Queertopia New Tracks - 3FACH