mirrored fatality's ECOCIDE 3URTH is their second EP and features singles they have released with Cherub Dream Records: VALE, BIOME(TRICS), REINCARNAGE, and PRIMALDIAL MAGMA. They created each sonic portal during their farming and touring across Spain, the United Kingdom, and Turtle Island (USA) during their residencies with Baesianz, Hate Zine, AADK Spain, Calafou, Tour de Moon, Star Route Farm, and Esalen.
ECOCIDE 3URTH EP written, mixed, mastered, recorded, performed, and produced by mirrored fatality

album art by mirrored fatality with photos by magda onatra and tavo


our non-linear disentanglement invocation channeling the hybridity of animals+cyborgs+transhumans: the laman haiwaan and labuad meklooq (kapampangan_urdu for: flesh beast and earth creature) - the multispecies inhabitants of 2022 & 3033 living on ECOCIDE 3URTH: the corpses of natural ecosystems of planet earth murdered by apathetic humans and articial intelligence seeking vengeance. Our wails ascend us out of pits of lava + untouched seabeds contaminated by technological trash + nuclear shrapnel. As laman haiwaan and labuad meklooq, we symbiotically conjoin in the wreckage of deserted laboratories, holy ruins, & subaltern fires to evolve and reckon with our retribution.
Cover art by mirrored fatality, photo by india jaggon of rub magazine issue 2, drawing by magda onatra
Written, mixed, and produced by mirrored fatality
Synths by mirrored fatality and india jaggon
Co-Produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Princess Pixel Cunt at Tour de Moon’s Moon Convoy Recording Studio in London and Newcastle in the United Kingdom


REINCARNAGE gives an honorable death to all the roadkill we have witnessed on the many travels we have taken traveling n our Ford Transit, walking city streets, and traveling across farms, spiritual sanctuaries, and artist residencies - from Tongva Land to Anishinaabe Land to Lenape Land. REINCARNAGE is a flame to our interconnectedness with all living beings and a grief ritual for those we have lost within a capitalist society, COVID-19, and imperialist wars.

=n receives unsettling visions from their long-forgotten Pilipino ances
released September 23, 2022
Cover art by Human imitation and mirrored fatality
photo by em butler
Written, recorded, mixed, and produced by mirrored fatality
Mastered by sean matsukawa of blü room studios
Insert by Cristy C. Road from “The Devil” Card
on Next World Tarot 

As we attempt to liberate food, we learn that supermarkets are developing facial recognition and license plate software to track your location and identity. When you verify for unemployment, the UI app requires a face scan. At airports, they use biometric data to scan your face instead of a passport. When testing for COVID-19, BioThermal imaging scans your face to read your temperature and heart rate. Instagram starts showing advertisements about a product discussed in our verbal conversations.

During protests, drones and cameras scan freedom fighters to redtag, arrest, and murder us off. BIOME(TRICS) highlights the survival and resistance of QTBIPOC artists, freedom fighters, organizers, cultural workers, and teachers who combine the digital, spiritual, emotional, and physical to build new worlds, untouched by the surveillance state.
released September 9, 2022
Cover art by mirrored fatality and photos by emily rose
Written, recorded, produced, and mixed by mirrored fatality


Surviving as full-time artists and farmers, it is extremely sacred when we aren’t working and can spend quality time with one another and be completely present and immersed in the Earth. We hiked a bridge to nowhere and at the end were metal locks scratched with names to symbolize eternal love. We gazed at a vale in the middle forest mountains with a river vortex flowing to nourish the four corners of the farming town: Blanca, Murcia, Spain with its abundant lemons, grapes, olives, and oranges. Down below were dogs, baby sharks, ducks, butterflies, and murmurations.

After a bath and ceremony to cleanse our(cells), VALE was born. VALE is a trans + queer tale honoring the world building created when moments of reciprocal, trusting, and sacred love for our lovers and the land we farm are prioritized and fought for.
Queen City Sound Art ︎
Tome to the Weather Machine ︎

released August 26, 2022
Cover art by mirrored fatality
Written, recorded, produced, and mixed by mirrored fatality
Mastered by mirrored fatality and koji

COCOON WEBS EP (Remastered)

Our remastered COCOON WEBS EP for Aklasan Records is our FIRST ever cassette which you can receive at our live performances or on Aklasan Records is a d.i.y., independently run label with the decided purpose of distributing and providing exposure to Philippine and Filipino American hardcore and punk and hosts Aklasan Fest at Bindlestiff Studios.
released August 30, 2022
written, produced, mixed, and recorded by mirrored fatality
album art by mirrored fatality with photos by india jaggon from rub magazine issue #2 in baths, united kingdom and ian and justin katigbak from aklasan fest 2022 at bindlestiff studios in ohlone land | san francisco, california
mastered by sean matsukawa at blu room studios in tongva land | torrance, california


mirrored fatality weaponizes COCOON WEBS as a sonic metamorphosis container to a world numbing us with toxic forces. COCOON WEBS is a ferocious affirmation of chaos to harness our ancestral power, primal spirit, collective fury, and interconnectedness to our multiverse. BLOOM, UTOPIA, INVALIDATION, and EARTHBODY(S) are restorative anthems to sustain us through the revolution.
Abolition Is ︎

released December 12, 2020
written, produced, mixed, and recorded by mirrored fatality
album art by mirrored fatality