WWARNING: this video contains strobe lights, flickering, flashing, glitching,
and blinking effects that can trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy

Festivals and Screenings
  •  London Short Film Festival at Rich Mix ︎ and the British Film Institute ︎
  • Tour de Moon’s Moon Cinema at Leicester, Newcastle, and Southampton - United Kingdom 
  • Biomimicry - SET Woolich - Woolich, United Kingdom
  • Casa Familiar + The FRONT's 16th Annual Dia de la Mujer Exhibition: Womxn, Words & Weaving - San Diego, California
  • Conqueer Shorts - Cube Microplex - Bristol, UK
  • Tank TV - Tank Magazine -‘fabulations’edition

chand is heartbroken by human biome(trics)’ destruction on yatu

overshadowed by grief, chand refuses to align with yatu

without chand and yatu's lunar eclipse and gravitational pull

yatu's brain coral reefs no longer spawn sanctuaries for a naiad

forests of joint pines suffer from dehydration

and cannot weep pollinating droplets to nourish a patia’nak gubat

naiad and patia’nak gubat communicate their impending extinction through marine fungi and mycelium root messaging

naiad and patia’nak gubat conjure chand and yatus’ metamorphosis by intertwining in cocoon webs ritual

patia’nak gubat and naiad’s cocoon webs realign chand and yatu’s orbit for revolutions to come

chand’s light embraces yatu’s biosphere and their bond regenerates patia’nak gubat, naiad, and all earthbody(s)

directed, written, produced, filmed, and edited by mirrored fatality

music, cinematography, sound design, make-up, hair, costumes, set design, and lighting by mirrored fatality

starring mango gwen + samar (mirrored fatality)

commissioned by tour de moon


WARNING: this video contains strobe lights, flickering, flashing, glitching,
and blinking effects that can trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy

We hiked a bridge to nowhere and at the end were metal locks scratched with names to symbolize eternal love. We gazed at a vale in the middle of forest mountains with a river vortex flowing to nourish the four corners of the farming town: Negra (so-called Blanca), Murcia, Spain  with its abundant lemons, grapes, olives, and oranges. Down below were dogs, baby sharks, ducks, butterflies, and murmurations.

VALE is a tale honoring the world building created when moments of reciprocal, trusting, and sacred love for our lovers and the lands we protect & steward are prioritized and fought for.

VALE contains field recordings of our immersion during our residency at Centro Negra with AADK Spain: the church bell that rings every hour, the 2022 New Years countdown, parades, farms, climbing the top of Valle de Ricote, and the industrial dam at the center of Negra.

the valley opens

when two mountains kiss

and erupt saliva in four directions.

we are lovers

and our slime erodes barriers.

we build shrines in our eyes

and offer ribs onto altars.

in soaked beds,

we are harvesting

an undoing of what once was.

the world regenerates.

directed, produced, edited, filmed, choreography, costume, make-up by mirrored fatality, samar’s skirt by wizard.wears444

effects by: lil_sagna, eomzie, chungcy, pixelchefs, davidoreilly, cint.arias, and mrmikev1

VALE written, produced, mixed, and recorded by mirrored fatality
mastered by KOJI

created at our AADK Spain x Centro Negra Residency in Blanca, Muscia, Spain in January 2022.


Festivals and Screenings
  • August 6-8, 2020 - Enter the Portal: The Multivers is Illuminated 2020 - Zoom
  • Disco Riot - Queer Movement Festival - Film Screening - 10th Avenue Arts Center - San Diego, California 


The BLOOM music video features soundscapes and footage from immersing ourselves in nature as we ground in our souls as bodies existing outside of isolation, capitalism, gender dysphoria, and the prison state. BLOOM was written together at the top of a mountain in Happy Valley in Tongva Land, so-called East Los Angeles at Sarita Doe and Champoy yurt dwelling ceremony.

BLOOM unearths diasporic queer spirituality and harnesses our ancestral languages- Urdu and Kapampangan.

BLOOM is a prayer to honor the bonds of our love that expands and brings regeneration into our multiverse. BLOOM is a spell to inspire deeper connections to our Earth and welcome in freedom and joy for ourselves and kin.

corporations own our water, pushed out BIPOC farmers, and tourism poisoned the salton sea. as water protectors we must bloom new beginnings.

directed by mirrored fatality

produced by mirrored fatality

filmed by princess amugo, alea skye, and mirrored fatality

edited by mirrored fatality

make-up and costumes by mirrored fatality