Below is a list of mirrored fatality offerings


for bookings, commissions, questions, inquiries, and
our rates (sliding scale or art trades for QTBIPOC) 

Live Performances
  • 10 minutes to 1.5 Hours  

DJ Sets


  • for brands such as Pleasures x Doc Martens, Angel Brains, Empty Brains, Tripship Fashion, You Are The Next Generation, Klank, Wesley C. Manners, Lynn La Yaung, Cat Lauigan, and Rino Kodama

  • Acting in music videos, films, and durational performance theatrical plays


  • Altar Making, Vision Boarding, QTBIPOC Punk / Experimental DIY History, Guitar, Bass, and Snyth Lessons, Logic Pro / Garageband Tutorials, Songwriting, Producing, Mixing, Mastering, Marketing, Merch Production, and DIT/DIY Band Management and Booking


  • Biomimicry XenoTransmutations: mirrored fatality’s COCOON WEBS
  • mirrored fatality’s world building and stewarding - Agroecology in Action: Food Sovereignty & Land Liberation
  • Politics of Rage and How Queer of Color Performance Art can be harnessed for collective healing

Event Production
  • Curating exhibits, concerts, events, and festivals

  • Bulyo Ng Yatu, Makibaka for Azaadi, Cloudburst, Joy is Resistance, Arwah 3, and Biomimcry


Herbal Medicine
  • Herbal teas, salves, spritzers, essential oil roll ons, and bath soaks

Healing Justice Trainings, Faciliations, and Meditations

  • Earthlodge Center for Transformation, LA CAN, Dignity and Power Now, and UCLA RISE, La Trade Tech, and LGBTQ Center

Farming and Gardening
  • Herbal, Agricultural, and Seasonal
  • Animal Care
  • Seeding, Harvesting, Packaging, and Planting

Construction / Carpentry
  • Garden Beds, Fences, Land Project Builds, Van Builds, and more

  • Commissioned costumes for performances, films, fashion, streetwear, altar cloths, patches, and more 

  • Screenwriting, Costumes, Make-up, Directing, Producing, Editing, Sound Design, and Set Design

  • Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Synths, Drums, Sound design, Mastering, Mixing, Producing, Lyrics, and Recording

  • Research Papers, Grants, Poems, Short Stories, Publications, Lyrics, and more 

Graphic Design
  • Flyers, zines, and album/song art 

Fundraising and Marketing
  • QTBIPOC campaigns, mutual aid calls, multimedia events, workshops, lectures, conferences, and grassroots organization grantwriting