Psychic War Against Cop City Extreme Music Compilation by Delirium Psychosis Productions

As the fascist police state continues to consolidate power in our urban centers, the people continue to fight back. Atlanta, the black Mecca of the south is undergoing a process in which the local population is being driven out. The black nation, having gone from slavery, to apartheid, to forced integration, is now faced with displacement at the hands of white gentrifiers. This is unmistakably a facet of modern day colonialism against the black nation. This process is being carried out at the hands of a brutal, militarized occupation force in the form of the police. They are a weapon of warfare against the poor and black population of our urban centers. This new "urban warfare" training facility is another step in a long running process of colonial class warfare against both this oppressed nation and the rest of the working class. We demand not just an end to Cop City, but an end to the hundreds of years of colonialism against Black America, and state warfare against the working masses. Self determination, decolonization, revolution. Fuck cop city.

All proceeds go to Atlanta Solidarity Fund.

Weelauenee Kaleidoscope by Rope Bridge Records

"Weelaunee Kaleidoscope" is a digital-only benefit compilation organized in support of the Defend the Forest/Stop Cop City movement, and more specifically of the ATL Solidarity Fund. As the situation in Weelaunee Forest has escalated over the last month, this benefit was organized on short notice to quickly raise funds to aid the stand against Cop City and police oppression & violence. I am not affiliated with any "leaders" of this movement and organizing in this manner is possible for anyone, please see how you can get involved! Endless endless thanks to all artists who contributed to this release, it is amazing to see and incredibly heart-warming. I did my best to sequence the tracks in a mindful way - the opening track is a very special one, composed in honor and memory of Tortuguita, a forest defender who was killed by Atlanta Police on Wednesday morning, January 18th. 

SODAA - Decentralised Compilation vol.1

co-released with

3 Swords Republic, Club Late Music, Hard Return, HI-NRG, New Scenery, Sly Tone, and TOO MUCH INFORMATION.

All tracks written and produced by the artists, as credited.
Mastering by Works Of Intent.
Artwork by ROOO.

We’re exploring how SODAA sounds with our first compilation.
It features members, friends, and new talent.
It's genreless and fluid, self-organised and bottom-up.

The artists and the labels participating in this compilation believe in a more equitable and collaborative future for our scenes, one guided by principles of solidarity economy, distributed decision-making, and the rejection of capitalist notions of culture, music and space.

We’ve asked labels who align with our values to support the compilation by co-releasing it with us, and adding it to their own catalogue. Additionally, artists in their roster are working on remixes.
The idea of a decentralised release was also inspired by the way Senyawa released their album “Alkisah”.

The profits will be split between the artists and SODAA, as a way to raise funds for our long-term goals, with a part going to the labels for their help.

Support us buying the compilation (or donating via Open Collective opencollective.com/sodaaclub) and sharing with your friends.

Vol 1- Inquilab by Sub(continental) Sonic Arts

Vol 1 - Inquilab features music written, performed, composed and produced by South Asian women, trans, nonbinary and/or gender fluid sonic artists.

From the Subcontinent to the diaspora across the globe, these artists span across genres and fields in the music industry: film scoring, spoken word, lo-fi, electronica, pop, vocals, carnatic fusion, jazz, hip-hop, R&B, sound design, EDM, etc.

All proceeds will be donated to Sahaita: sahaita.org. We fully support the ongoing farmers' protest against the Indian Central Government's 2020 Farm Laws and the families leading the revolution on the frontlines.

LY001: Water by Liyang Network

We’ve dedicated this mixtape to some of these environmental and human rights defenders whose lives were taken in this struggle. On the evening of February 23rd, 2022, Chad Booc, Jurain Ngujo, Elegyn Balonga and their two drivers Robert Aragon and Tirso Añar were massacred by the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) in New Bataan, Davao de Oro, while returning from a visit to rural communities in southern Mindanao.

Liyang SoCal joins the call for justice for the New Bataan 5 and dedicates this mixtape to their lives, work, and sacrifice. These heroes understood the supreme importance of the ongoing struggle to defend the land, water, and life in Mindanao as connected to environmental defense and liberation throughout the Philippines and around the world. As we listen, let us consider all the ways we can amplify calls for their justice and an end to exploitation, foreign plunder, and tyranny in Mindanao and around the world.

For Those We Lost  by Lowlives Collective

Curated by Floralis with special thanks to DJ Priya for assisting the curation process.
Following the continual displacement of Palestinian people and the severe conditions many in Gaza are forced to live under, we put together a small compilation in order to raise money for Medical Aid for Palestinians. Each of these tracks are either originals or rare tracks by each of these artists, showcasing some of the best stuff we have heard in the alternative music space.

Given the lack of diversity that we continue to see in the alternative music space, Floralis and DJ Priya made it their mission to recruit musicians of colour and LGBTQ+ acts for this compilation album. Alongside initiatives such as Daytimers, Weirdo Magazine, Diversify Your Scene and Decolonise Festival, this compilation serves as a testament towards radical inclusivity in the music scene.