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Join us on 16th Sept at 11am BST for the global premiere of Tour deMoon, a nationwide celebration of new beginnings, at the Victoria and Albert Museum as part of London Design Week! You can sign up for tickets here. This is a free preview screening, the film is 70min, it contains subtitles.

️ This screening will be followed by a Q&A hosted by Priya Khanchandani, Head of Curatorial at the Design Museum
Nelly Ben Hayoun- Stépanian will be joined some of the brilliant crew of the nationwide festival Tour de Moon for the Q&A! Its not to be missed :-)

This feature film is a hyperenergetic, supercharged and unapologetic ride inside the making of festival Tour de Moon, which was a part of Unboxed; Creativity in the UK. See a multiverse of talents as they take their nationwide festival Tour de Moon- which advocates for plurality, youth countercultures and nightlife- around the UK…Discover an antidote to nationalism, division and experience decolonial practices in action.

REINCARNAGE featured in
“Glimpse” soundtracK:

a Queer Filipinx Short Film By Earl Paus - premiering at the San Diego Film Filipino Festival 2023

“After a near death experience, a queer musician receives unsettling visions from their long-forgotten Pilipino ancestors.”

Tour De Moon Moon Arkestra and Moon Convoy Documentary

Tour de Moon's Moon Arkestra, formed of 9 talented musicians drawn from an array of youth countercultures, travelled through towns and cities in England 11 May - 16 June 2022 as part of Moon Convoy, a fully sustainable armada of vehicles.Tour De Moon provides a platform for plurality, fresh thinking and new ideas. A unique, immersive 3 city 4 day festival of free public events took place in Leicester 13–16 May, Newcastle 27–30 May and Southampton 10–13 June - all linked by a touring sustainable Convoy (11 May-16 June) and celebrating nightlife and youth countercultures from across the UK and beyond.

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mirrored fatality 2022
Bay Area tour with Champoy as live Drummer

GR1N NET Performance
Venue Mot, London

Cosmic Caz Music Video
Hackney Wick, London

Queer Rave Punk Performance Ritual: April 30, 2022

Full Moon Ritual and Punk Performance at QUEER RAVE SOUNDSYSTEM

CENTERED safe space for queer bodies to RÅVẸ̄ in PEACE&LOVE🌈💖FEMXLE/NB/QUEER DJs - Steamship - London, United Kingdom

Featured Durational Performance in Almost Island: September 13, 2022

Director Giulio Grill

i Cicilioni (26:40 Min) United Kingdom
Navigating the silty clay of the Holderness coast, Almost Island narrates the interweaving of myth, memory, narrative, and geology in the eroding peninsula of

Spurn in East Yorkshire. The film presents itself as a hypnotic journey across different temporalities and narrations of ecology at the edge of the world. Shown as part of the Goldsmiths Visual Anthropology 2022 family ensemble and The Florida Environmental Film Festival.