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December 18, 2022
Saturn Bar
QTBIPOC Solstice Night

 Lola Jean, Discernment,Frank/ie Consent, and mirrored fatality 

Fundraiser for Uhuru Dream House NOLA

April 7 | Thursday | 6pm - Midnight | SET WOOLWICH Beresford St, London SE18 6BU

presented by @BAESIANZ + @mirroredfatality

ଘ(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭* ੈ♡‧₊ ˚a vortex of trans & queer BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) ecologies of synth-pop, industrial techno, and experimental performance, video, music, and sculpture * ੈ♡‧₊* ੈ♡‧₊

*’“*:.。. .。.:* a fundraiser to support black trans girl DJ & multimedia artist weepingwillowtree’s recovery & holistic sustainability <3 [gofundme link in her bio @weepingwillowtree.34 or] + BIOMIMICRY’s artists+performers ゜゚・♡♪+*.

Joy is Resistance portal on Sunday 12/12/21 at @omni.commons (4799 Shattuck Ave, Oakland, CA 94609) from 12:30pm to 11:30pm in collaboration with Warriors Grace Oakland

to support @Liyang_Network's December fundraising campaign to support frontline environmental defenders who are standing between extractive industries and vital old-growth rainforests, major river systems, and other life-giving ecosystems in the southern Philippines and @FilipinoCSA's farmers of Ilokano Farms: a farm of landless elder migrant Filipino farmers growing traditional fruits, herbs, and vegetables from Philippines in Central Valley: Orosi, California

1-2PM @kanyonkonsulting Ohlone Mutsun Band Ceremony

2 - 3:30 PM A teach-in from the Filipino Farmers Cooperative: on Ilokano Farms, the 1965 Delano Grape Strikes, and the historical resistance of Filipino Farmers and @Liyang_Network: on Indigenous environmental defense and sustainable agriculture in Mindanao, Philippines

3:30PM - 11:30 PM
Performances by


Raffle Offerings

Visuals by, EMCEE by @ianfrancis + @goeatmango, Kapampangan 4 Directions Ceremony + Community Altar by @goeatmango, + Body Work Therapy by @kyleoblue, + Food!

arwah collective presents ✣arwah 6: a fundraiser for LGBTQ+ folks in Kashmir✣
Date: Saturday December 11th, 2021
Time: 4 PM - 2 AM PST at PLACE 1121 64th St Oakland, CA 94608

We are so excited to present arwah 6! There will be a teach-in by Ather Zia on Kashmir and a statement by Dheiva. There will be live performances by Aurat, tagolilong, Mansaf Mama, DJ BAQVAS, Flung, Beast Nest, Baby Blue, Front Hole, neekajun, and YOUCANDOITHABIBI (Amal Amer), poetry by Cielo and Zara Jamshed, and a drum circle by Mirza. As well as incredible vendors and visual art! We will be live broadcasting the teach-in, statements, poetry, and performances throughout the night on crowdcast. If you are unable to attend the event in person: RSVP here for the live crowdcast stream:

Sliding scale price of $10+ for QTBIPOC and $15+ for folks with class and/or caste privilege and white people. All proceeds will be donated to an organization that supports the wellbeing of the LGBTQ+ community in Kashmir, including food kits, medicine, shelter(in specific cases), and other contingencies. No one will be turned away for lack of funds.

COVID 19 Protocol: Vaccination Card at door and/or a Recent COVID Negative Test and we are encouraging masks inside the venue

Venue is ADA accessible

Please SHARE and circulate !

Instagram accounts to tag:

























Visual Artists:











CLOUDBURST (August Friday the 13th from  7PM-LATE)


is a collaborative event celebrating and centering QTBIPOC artists in Lenape land 

at Trans Pecos (@trans.pecos)

presented by @kinseyxkinsey and @mirroredfatality

benefitting @StarRouteFarm


mirroredfatality (@mirroredfatality)

onyx demonic (@onyxdemonic)

Bindiram (@bindiram)

RaFia (@rafiasworld)

Raver Jinn (@raver.jinn)

Joopiter (@brxndxnsi)

DJ Rashad Rashad (@biblicallyaccuratebutchqueen)

Perlas ng Digma (@perlasngdigma)

Through this time warp of a year we feel it is important to have an opportunity to release the energy that tethers us to our darkness and allow ourselves to evolve into our ultimate forms. Through performance, movement, and visual art we will be providing space to gather, heal, and affirm the lives of queer artists of color.

Together we will enter the vortex, travel through the eye of the storm, burst through the other side, and find joy at the end of the rainbow.

flyer by @onyxdemonic

Donations, which we welcome will go to @StarRouteFarm “fundraises to expand food-access work to provide quality, local food for all people in their region. Their goal is to dedicate their farm to growing food security by providing organically-grown produce to  communities  that currently depend on mutual aid networks and pantries to survive our current public health crisis in New York such as Bushwick Ayuda Mutua, Heart of Dinner, Wat Buddha Thai Thavorn Vanaram, Delaware Opportunities, and Future Foods. Located in Charlotteville, New York, Star Route Farm is a small-scale diversified vegetable, herb and small grain farm using organic practices on seven acres of land, three of which are used for intensified vegetable production and four acres are used for grains and beans.”

MAKIBAKA FOR AZAADI (Battle for Freedom) at Church of Fun [corner of Melrose Avenue and Madison] we will unite, supporting the self-determination of @Sabokahan, Lumad Indigenous wxmn facing manmade climate calamity and paramilitary attacks and the people of Kashmir impacted by military occupation.

On February 1, Liyang Network’s relief and psychosocial mission “Tindog Makilala! Building Unity and Resilience in Climate Calamity” for Lumad survivors of magnitude 6 earthquakes that hit Mindanao offered pregnancy kits, medicine, menstrual products, art kits, held PST sessions for 200+ women and 300+ children, and fed 600+ women and children in collaboration with the Women’s Studies and Resource Center. Let us continue supporting the work of @liyang_network in meeting the needs of lumad communities affected by climate calamities and militarization.

As of February 5, 8 million Kashmiris have been besieged by 900,000+ Indian soldiers for the past 6 months under the fascist racist Modi government regime. Kashmiris face brutal torture, firings at unarmed protestors, bans on religious proceedings, and sexual violence as they reject the use of Islamophobic discourses and displacement. As Kashmir continues to fight for their freedom, we can #EndtheOccupation through our social media outreach and elevating Kashmiri narratives globally (@standwithkashmir). Let us put an end to the human rights violations in Kashmir and Mindanao.

⠀Makibaka! Huwag Matakot! Hum kya chahte! Azaadi! As Kashmir and Mindanao face media repression ranging from misinformation to total blackouts under militarization and occupation, it is crucial we advocate for their self-determination and lend our resources. All proceeds going towards Makibaka for Azaadi (Battle for Freedom) will be split between @liyang_network (on behalf of @sabokahan) and @arwahcollective (for @standwithkashmir).”

Gallery Exhibitions

March 4 - May 4, 2023
San Diego, California. Casa Familiar, this year celebrating its 50th anniversary, is pleased to announce the exhibition WOMXN, WORDS & WEAVING – Mujeres, Palabras y Tejidos as part of Casa Familiar’s 16th annual Dia de la Mujer. The Dia de la Mujer exhibition will be celebrated with an opening reception on March 4, from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., at The FRONT Arte & Cultura (147 W. San Ysidro Blvd, 92173.)

January 12 - February 1, 2023

The zine format has been used extensively in our LGBTQIA+ community to pass on information, either written or visual, in an informal, accessible, free and unofficial way. It is a cultural form that rejects the mainstream in favour of the personal, the political and the playful.

The DIY publications included in A to Zine offer visitors an opportunity to delve into the latest expressions of queer culture on topics as varied as: how to look after your mental health online; recover from your first break-up; understand the sociology of bad sex or bake bread with very unusual ingredients.

Visitors can flick through joyful celebrations of body hair, explore the colours of mushrooms, or chart the dysfunctions of the gender clinic. The zines explore the limits of form and format, ranging from pocket sized, folding concertina, to pamphlet and hefty booklet.

Alana Gaglio / Alex Muto / Alex Thomas / Alia Zapparova / Amuna Wagner / Ariel Collier / Avila Rubiales / Ayshe-Mira Yashin / Barney Pau / Ben Hart / Bob Chicalors / Brontez Purnell / Brooke Palmieri / Bug Sheperd-Barron / Camila Machado / Catherine Casle Chandler / Chierol Lai / Christina Matz / Clayton Heeley / Davide Meneghello / Dolly Sen / Eli Delbaere / Ella Frost / Ellora Prior / Eray Yilmaz / Eva Megias / Fauziya Johnson / Fox / Gabriel Liu / Gaby Sahhar / George Grace Gibson / Helen Savage and Nicky Harris / Helen Splander / Holly / Holly Blue Lell / Holly Parkinson / Ian Giles / Jessica Noble / Jordan Taylor / Kelly Liang / Kilian Becker, The Phantomat / Korantema Anyimadu / Koshy Brahmatmaj / Krishna Balakrishnan / Kurtis Lincoln / Laura-Marie River Victor Peace / Leena Zhané / Loizos Olympios / Lu / Lu Williams / Lulu Williams / Lydia Rose & Allies art club / Marlies van Hak / Miggy and Rob / Mirrored Fatality / MNamug & Nuria Castro / Mx Afon / Naz Toorabally / Nicky Chue / Odette / Phyllida Jacobs / Qiuyan Chen / Ray Young / Richard Malone / Ripley Renner Fletcher / Ruairí Valentine / Sai / Sam Gerard Avila Rubiales / Satanis Bolete / Sean Burns / Shann Wahl / Shelly Grotto / Shevek Imogen Fodor / Sina Leasuasu / Sophie Bownes / Stellan Tobias / Tam Hart / The Fat Zine / Thelionsmouth / Tigger and SHAG Stonehenge Heritage Action Group / Vanessa Zappi / Yiling Wong

September 17 and 18, 2022

Dream Radio II A Sound Installation Presented by Cone Shape Top

Cone Shape Top presents the second installment of Dream Radio at Other Places Art Fair. A site specific surreal listening station taking place inside a black cube emitting 6 hours of sonic exercises, ambient soundscapes, drones, original productions, club tracks, experimental music, spoken word and field recordings from an international line up of art
practioners, musicians, producers and sound artists.

We invite you to come inside and tune into the phantom airwaves of Dream Radio.

Other Places Art Fair 5
Saturday September 17 and Sunday, September 18, 2022. 12-6 PM
We are located at site #20Battery Leary-Merriam / Angels Gate Cultural Center / 3601 S. Gaffey St. / San Pedro / CA / 90731


5k Candle Amabelle Aguiluz
Anna Luisa & Isola Tong
Anna Luisa feat. Sarah Gail
Ancient Pocket
Andy Human + Mig Zamora
Anne Lesley Selcer
Austin Fisher
Cat Lauigan
Daiana Feuer
DIN (Geraldine Jorge)
Experimental Housewife
Gabby Wen
Gabriel Slavitt
Goth Lipstick
Izaak Schlossman
JJ Verne
Jonathan James Carr
Kevin Corcoran
Kian Pantley
Liam Herb
Liz Yu & Jan Lu
Marc Merza
Matthew Kerkhof
Mind Mirage
mirrored fatality
Natali Rocafuerte
Nicki Chen
Ray Monde
Ryan Beckemeyer
Shelly Badal
Tom Marsi
Trevor Treglia
Victory Lap
Will Liang

July 7 – August 13, 2022︎

Matrix Exhibition curated by Tracy Ren -  Featured Artist VALE - Root Division, San Francisco, CA

MATRIX at @rootdivision in San Francisco which centers the collective learning, healing and dreaming of artists who deviate from hegemonic norms. The exhibition is an invitation to these artists to create, heal, nourish themselves and one another, dream of prospective futures, and exhibit their works without descriptive constraints or limitations. The exhibition also invites the audience to participate in this healing and dreaming, fostering a culture of care and exchange between and across communities.

The artists featured in MATRIX are diverse in their approaches, each possessing highly nuanced and multivalent practices that draw from a wellspring of deep personal wisdom. What they have in common is the desire to connect—to themselves, to others, and to the world at large. They lovingly create entirely new languages with which to speak through a poetry of material, space, and action.

“In gathering within the framework of MATRIX, we aim to grow towards one another in meaningful ways while honoring the complex lineages that flow through us. We hope to strengthen, expand, and celebrate the webs of care within the SF Bay Area’s creative communities by providing an integral space to practice more aligned ways of being in and engaging with the world and one another, and to indulge in the potency of a dream.” – Tracy Ren

Lukaza Branfman-Verissimo
mirrored fatality
Black Feast
Yaxkin Fuentes-Barrientos
Leena Joshi
Cat Lauigan
Kennedy Morgan
Judit Navratil
Zach Ozma
J Rivera Pansa
Seraphina Perkins
Maybe Later 🙂
Maryam Safansab
Jasmine Zhang

Cone Shape Top Exhibition

Through the catalyst and inspiring legacy cave that is @coneshapetop, (thank you Cat + Matt!!) we are excited to announce our first gallery exhibition and performance on Chochenyo land since the quarantine. We will be showcasing our COCOON webs dresses, shirts airbrushed (thank you @pxrkerkim), screen-printed patch & shirts (thank you Moonear Khar), prints (thank you, lyric videos, our herbal tea blend NYMPH ELIXIR (thank you @han.gvul for the stamp), and a live performance on Thursday, December 9 from 5-7pm PST at Cone Shape Top (address on flyer)!

All our art exhibited can be purchased & ALL the proceeds will go to printing costs and towards our fundraisers on 12.11 at | @arwahcollective and 12.12 at @omni.commons | @liyang_network + @filipinocsa, LGBTQIA+ communities in Kashmir under military occupation by India, environmental frontline defenders in Mindanao who are standing between extractive industries and vital old-growth rainforests, major river systems, and other life-giving ecosystems in Mindanao, Philippines, and landless elder migrant Filipino farmers in Orosi, California of Ilokano Farms & Filipino Farmers Cooperative.

COCOON WEBS Exhibition will be up until 12/31, Open Saturdays for walk-ins 1-6 PM or by appointment (link in @coneshapetop bio).

Cone Shape Top is a small project space / music + books shop / podcast series run out of an apartment on Chochenyo land (Oakland). It is a quiet and intimate approach to providing a platform and space to share creative expressions through arts and music and celebrating all things underground. They are open Saturdays for walk -ins 1-6 PM and appointments for rest of week. To keep updated on all programming sign up through their newsletter on their site or check their ig stories.