mirrored fatality is an underground interdependent Kapampangan and South Asian xenobinary experimental and healing noise queer punk farmer duo sharing their rituals + altars.

mirrored fatality creates their “cocoon webs'' combining performance art, music, spoken word, film, photography, painting, drawing, upcycled garments, anti-imperialist education, and healing justice practice spaces to mobilize a warrior community responding to transnational calls-to-action for mutual aid, land sovereignty, and prison abolition.

In 2022, mirrored fatality released a remastered version of their COCOON WEBS EP with Aklasan Records, their film VALE on Get Better Records, and their film EARTHBODY(S)_BIOME(TRICS) on Tour de Moon.

mirrored fatality released their singles “REINCARNAGE”, “VALE”, “BIOME(TRICS)”, and “PRIMALDIAL MAGMA” on their EP ECOCIDE 3URTH Cherub Dream Records on November 11, 2022. In 2023, they will release their 12-track album and as Outsider Fests 2023-2025 artists in residence, they will perform a multimedia ritual theater performance of their entire album at Outsider Fest 2025.

They have toured across Turtle Island (United States of America), United Kingdom, Mexico, Thailand, and Spain. In January 2023, they are on tour across London, United Kingdom screening their film EARTHBODY(S)_BIOME(TRICS) at the London Short Film Festival & British Film Institute & Tour de Moon Cinema and are modeling, performing, presenting workshops, and filming their next short film PRIMALDIAL_MAGMA_ZYG_MUT_TROPH_OOZE. Click on the tour page for more details. 

As farmer artists, mirrored fatality has completed residencies with Buttermilk Falls Residency, Postcrypt Gallery, EFA Project Space, Dead Bedland, Earthlodge Center for Transformation, Star Route Farm, Esalen Institute, Isis Oasis Sanctuary, AADK Spain, Calafou, Baesianz x hatezine at SET Woolwich, University of the Underground, Tour de Moon, Fancyland, and the Uhuru Dream House New Orleans.